Total eclipse of the heart

Unless you have been living under a cloud (not hard at the moment with the rubbish weather in London) or you have no interest whatsoever in the moon or star signs then you will know that there is a pretty big Leo solar eclipse happening

Unfortunately we don’t get to see much of it here but yay to our American friends who are whipping out the pin hole glasses and renting out their homes on AirBnb for an astonishing amount of money so those who are interested in the Eclipse can get a really good look at it ..but not right at it..not until the eclipse is happening…read the rules..don’t burn your eyes..

I am a bit of a believer when it comes to the cosmos and various other moon and star related things. I have been reading recently that the retrograde we have been experiencing is the cause of much unrest in our lives. I am not such a believer that I will blame everything terrible on the shifting planets, however I do think that if you are just feeling a bit ‘off’ and things don’t seem to be clicking, despite your best efforts, or even lack of efforts because you have not been bothered to make any because you are feeling a bit ‘off’..then yes, I do think that the aligning of planets and various other shifts in the world can create a bit of a personal shift in you (and apparently the recent retrograde is making alot of people feel a bit out of sync)

So the low down on the eclipse today…

  • This eclipse is all about new beginnings, mind, body and spirit, if you want it of course. It is the hands of the cosmic clock coming together,  a reset of mind, body and soul.
  • Eclipses always put you where you need to be, so follow your path and put some faith into the universe. If you are day dreaming on a regular basis about changing your career, harbouring desires to start a new job, perhaps it is the universes way of saying ‘go for it’
  • We do have solar eclipses every year but a TOTAL solar eclipse is rare, very rare.. we won’t get another for a very long time. Which it is why it is such a big deal.
  • The ancients believed that a total eclipse would bring a message, that light would give way to the darkness in order for it to return stronger and burning brighter.
  • This solar eclipse is about exposing our true selves and being who we truly are. Getting rid of the masks we have put up over the years and connecting with who we really are underneath all the pretence.

So its time for your inner spark to leap forward and do its thang! Have you had a feeling that there is something a little bigger out there for you? Now is the time to let it happen.

Now we don’t get to see it here but below are the times that it is happening so depending on where you are you can keep an eye out for vibes of the eclipse happening all across the world.

Los Angeles- August 21 at 11.25 am

New York- August 21 at 2:25 pm

London- August 21 at 7.25pm

New Delhi- August 21 at 11.55pm

Sydney- August 22 at 4.25 am

I just read that the UK won’t have a total solar eclipse until 2090!!!!

So perhaps this is the shift you have been waiting for….

Have you felt out of sorts recently?

If it really is a chance to reset the clock, what will you do over the next few months to live to your full true potential?




God I really love a good….


There, I have said it. I love a good quote. It is like a little pick me up, a wordy kick in the butt. It can say so much in so few a words and when you have nothing to say…a quote will say it for you.

Now I am not talking about the ‘quotes’ you see flashing by on social media..words such as ‘you got this girl‘ and ‘I am so tired, even my coffee needs coffee‘ type of quotes. I am talking about big bad, age old quotes that keep reappearing year after year, century after century. They get rehashed, they are redesigned but essentially they stand the test of time.

Some of the oldest quotes known to man (even before BC)

“Every man is the architect of his own future”.
Sallust (86 -35 BC) Roman Historian

Your life is an expression of all your thoughts.”
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180) – Roman Emperor and Stoic Philosopher

Old.. yes but still totally relevant to us today. So ponder all your might on those positive thoughts in the safe knowledge that in year 121 (can you even imagine it?) someone somewhere was being told ‘Your life is an expression of all your thoughts’…Perhaps he (or she….I always think of Ancient Rome as just being very man led…I am terrible feminist) was wondering how they would compare at the upcoming gathering of philosophers and Gods.

What defines a quote?

Well it is literally ‘to repeat and copy words from a text spoken or written by someone else’

There, nothing to it really. Which is why we have so many quotes. There are quotes for every season, mood, morning. Quotes for cats (“Time spent with cats is never wasted” – Sigmond Freud), couples and even chihuahua’s (“Even the tiniest Chihuahua is still a wolf at heart”)

So what makes a quote a good one? The ones that stand the test of time.

A quote is about connecting with the words. It is like picking up the daily paper and reading your stars only to find yourself in awe at the uncanniness of predictability. You can be feeling a bit ‘meh’ and come across a quote that just picks at you a little bit, enough to move you out of ‘meh’ and into ‘yeah’. Quotes are quick to read, they are punchy, some are intelligent and some are just funny. They can snap you into action, remind you that you are doing ok and connect you with others who have shared or liked the quote.

We need quotes like we need our shot of expresso or daily shower…a necessary requirement that can start our day. So below are just a few of my favourite short quotes (I have longer ones if you require..)

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt” Sylvia Plath

“Impossible is just an opinion” Paulo Coelho

“Wherever you go, go with all your heartConfucius

and this last one was written in a card from someone to me back when I was teaching and I was deciding to make the leap from one comfortable career to starting my own business..

“everything will be okay in the end. If its not okay, its not the end


Do you have a good quote?

Do share!

Sophie x

What’s in a name?

You look like a Sophie‘ was a comment from someone i just met after being introduced at a party last weekend.

Oh good‘ was my response, although I was not quite sure what I should have said really. It is my name, I have always had it and feel very much suited to it.  Don’t we all feel the same way about our name?

Esme and me on a trip to Jaipur

I also met another Sophie last week. I know there are other ‘Sophie’s’ out there but when growing up I did feel I was the only one. I was the only ‘Sophie’ in all of my school classes (I changed schools and often countries every two years) and I seem to have avoided working with another Sophie since becoming an adult. The thing is, Sophie is not a particularly uncommon name, in fact it was listed as the most popular name for girls four years in a row. I know now I was a ‘Sophie’ before its time.  When I was a baby people would comment on ‘How twee’ the name was!


A name is very important. Not only does it give you an identification, it can also shape who you are.  It communicates to others before you meet. You make assumptions about a person based on their name and whilst we protest we do not judge others, no doubt we have an image of the person we are meeting when we hear their name.

What does your name say about you?

When we named our children we spent a long time thinking about who they would be with those names. I imagined them walking into a number of different scenarios and introducing themselves. A party? a musician? A doctor? As an ex teacher I also had a long list of names that were vetoed on the account of how much grief they gave me in the classroom!

One of the toughest part of parenthood is naming your child!!

Many people think I am called Esme, I guess that is an obvious observation and I am not sure how Esme will feel when she actually works out the name of my business is named after her, would she be thrilled? Embarrassed?

When I started my business I wanted a name that symbolised the values of my business. EsmeLoves is about family, loved ones, sharing and cherishing a moment. I chose the name Esme for my daughter a long time before I was even thinking about children, it is a name I have always loved, the fact it means ‘to be loved’ just makes it even more symbolic.

What’s in a name?

Perhaps you are thinking of names..

Perhaps you are naming your business?

A few tips (when naming a business)..

  • Choose a name that means something to you. People will ask you what the name means, where it has come from. If you have no connection to the name, find one! People love a story.
  • Choose a name that people can say – nothing worse that having people talk about about your business but pronouncing the name wrong – get people to read the name out loud, different accents if you can – how does it sound?
  • Do a quick check whether the name means anything else in a different language or country. You might be a small business right now but you want to grow right? World domination…just make sure your business name does not offend parts of the world.
  • Make sure you are happy with the name. Don’t rush it. You don’t want to put it out there only to change your mind a few months later.
  • Don’t be put off with similar sounding names. There are lots of lovely companies that have the name of a child with ‘….loves‘  at the end.  At first I was put off but I named my business ‘EsmeLoves‘ because of what it means to me, the fact others have a similar business name can run to my benefit as people often say ‘ oh I have heard of you’ when I mention my business name!
  • Get a domain! Go onto sites like ‘godaddy‘ and check the web page is available. Whilst the business name and the web name don’t have to be exact, it would certainly be a good start. If it is available, buy it! Even if you don’t have a website yet, some domains are cheap enough to buy for when you do!

Lastly whilst it is important to have a name that is memorable, it is more important to have a name that represents your brand. Who you are as a brand and what your story is. If you don’t connect to the name, it will become hard to personalise it, to push it out there to others.


Do you have a small business? Are you about to start one?

What name have you chosen and why?

Best Gemstones to wear at a wedding

Dubbed the ‘wedding society’ of the year it has been hard to ignore the events taking place this weekend.

The ‘almost Royal’ wedding has happened, the papers and social media feeds are full of images and no doubt it will continue to feed the media until their first born arrives.

However, whether we have an interest or not in the biggest wedding this year so far, we do love a good wedding and the time is now upon us. Wedding season has begun. What is there not to love about a wedding? Whether it is a family wedding or an old friends we cannot but help love a wedding. Regardless of the style, the venue, the cost, we know that people coming together to celebrate the union of love is a pretty beautiful event.

So when thinking weddings, what gemstones work well?

Rose Quartz – this is most certainly the number one stone for weddings as it symbolises love. The colour of Rose Quartz matches pretty much every outfit and as we saw this weekend, it is a favourite colour of the Royals

The rose quartz teardrop earrings retain the timeless beauty that compliments a wedding outfit
wedding blog duschess
The timeless rose colour works well for a wedding.

Moonstonrosegold moonstonee – a firm favourite with many, the resplendent stone is subtle enough not to detract from the bride or your outfit but beautiful enough to compliment. There are a variety of moonstones out there from peach to white milky, each beautiful in their own right. Rainbow moonstone with rose gold is a lovely combination for a wedding. The classical design of the EsmeLoves necklace with the moonstone makes it a timeless contribution to the lace designs that are so in favour at the moment.

Bold in blue? Want to bring a dash of colour to an outfit through your jewellery? The EsmeLoves Blue Chalcedony is unapologetically blue and the design can be worn facing out or in, showing off the the rich blue.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The EsmeLoves Grande is perfect for those long dresses or high necks.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Perhaps you are buying for yourself, your bridesmaids, your mother? EsmeLoves has a range of items that are designed for these special moments. A gift for you mother and your niece? The design of the EsmeLoves collection recognise the bond between you all and makes it a gift they are sure to treasure.

Need some protection?

Would you wear black jewellery?


Black Onyx  is a stone like no other. I chose to use Black Onyx in some of my designs because of what it stands for, what benefits it will bring the wearer.

It is said that Black Onyx has the ability to change a wearer’s bad habits. This gemstone is also used as an important tool in helping increase the concentrating abilities of absent-minded people and in calming a chaotic and problematic life. So if you find yourself walking into rooms suddenly wondering what you came in for, or forgetting to send in the signed school form for the 5th day running, despite remembering every night to send it in, this might be stone for you!

Onyx also guards the user against negative vibes. Onyx jewellery is worn in order to defend oneself against negativity as is the colour black. I remember when my children were babies, we were living in India and many women would tell me to place a black mark somewhere on my babies, perhaps on the sole of the foot or behind the ear, this black mark would offer protection against those who perhaps have negative thoughts towards your beautiful baby. Of course you believe no person could possibly have negative thoughts towards a young baby but yet many Indians (and myself at times) would place a small black dot (with an eyeliner) somewhere on the foot for a little extra protection.

I remember when I was working in India and it was one of those weeks when things were going wrong, I was moaning to a colimg_4632league and she mentioned I should wear a black thread on my wrist. It would offer some protection…I bemusedly laughed and continued with our meeting but yet later that week I found myself sporting a black thread…which I still wear two years later! I can’t say if this helped or prevented any major disasters in my life (and I am amazed the thread is still intact) but yet the superstitious character in me wears it with the inner knowledge this this black cotton thread might play a really tiny part in keeping me a bit protected…I can it possibly!

Finally, the onyx gemstone fortifies the wearer’s self-confidence and sense of responsibility. It strongly helps in sharpening the five senses and likewise encourages a healthy ego of self. For those who would love to own an onyx gemstone. Onyx lends the wearer the look of elegance and wealth.

Do you have any superstitions or items of jewellery that you just won’t take off?

Perhaps there is a cultural connection to some of the practices you have.




A rose by any other name

I want to talk a bit about Rose Quartz and why it is a stone you should all want to own, wear, gift and lust after.


Rose quartz is a subtle stone, it is incredibly common and fairly cheap which makes it a very accessible stone but it is also such a positive stone that has many benefits to the wearer, ok, ok, so if you have got this far reading this and thinking ‘it’s a stone, what the…’ then you won’t be judged, you’re right, it is just a stone but we live in a world these days where the incredulous become the norm and so bare with me a moment when we talk about how gemstones have a part in our life and are about to become so much more..

As history goes,

‘Rose quartz was first created after Adonis.lover of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite was attacked by Ares, god of war in the form of a boar (just your average day really). Aphrodite rushed to save him and caught herself on a briar bush (as you do). Their mingled blood stained the white quartz pink’
‘The New Crystal Bible – Cassandra Eason’

We love a good Greek drama and we love to learn from the Greeks, in fact most of our morals come from the stories that have been passed down from Greek tragedies.

According to GIA website 

‘People in the earliest recorded times believed in the magical powers of quartz. Ancient Roman, Egyptian, and Greek civilizations used quartz crystals as potent talismans. The Romans used rose quartz as a seal to signify ownership, and Egyptians believed the stone could prevent ageing’ 

Ageing??? prevent?? yes please!!

It is also known to be a mothering crystal and it is good to hold on your stomach during pregnancy to create a bond with your unborn child, some have spoken of placing the stone near the cot of the sleeping baby to help sooth in the days after birth. This may seem a bit far fetched, HOW can a stone simply do anything? Of course you have to want to submit to something for it to be of any use, a gemstone is not simply magic and its job is not to convince you otherwise. But we do have faith, the amber teething necklaces have become a popular toddler accessory and whilst a quick search on mumsnet will show the controversial argument about how on earth they could possible have any effect, there are many mothers who swear by them. Could it be that we just want to believe in them?

Rose Quartz is a lovely stone to gift to a child, it is known to prevent nightmares and helps children not to be afraid of the dark. Would you use gemstones with your children?

My love for gemstones has stemmed from my childhood, my grandmother and now my own passion. It is something that connected the dots for me when I traveled (always a gemstone shop somewhere) and I have always been drawn to gemstone jewellery. They are not going anywhere, gemstones survive. Whether they are sat  at the bottom of jewellery box surrounded by blackened silver or lost down the back of furniture, they will found, sold, gifted and worn long after we have moved on.  We simply love gemstones.

I always wear a rose quartz, the EsmeLoves necklace is such a firm favourite of mine and the fact that the necklace can be worn with either the filagree or the stone facing out give me two different looks. The rose quartz also sits against the skin when worn which gives a soothing feel and allows you to reap the benefits that rose quartz has to offer.

The EsmeLoves Rose Quartz

Do you own any gemstone jewellery?

If so which ones and why do you own it?


Nearly there…

So it is the third and final insight into the Ghost of Christmas past (so to speak) as we meet Alexandra Moore  who is a stylist with a real fresh and fun outlook on fashion. I asked Alex to take a step back in time and think about her childhood Christmas. As a mum to a young son, Alex is starting to think about the kind of Christmas she wants her son to remember.

 What are your most vivid memories of Christmas as a child?

When I was really young I remember us always having a Christmas party at
home. Lots of decorations and the fake tree in the corner with the
tacky fairy on top, lots of music and family and friends having fun

 What are your plans for Christmas this year?
We’re at home this year, it will be my 2 year olds first Christmas at
home and i’m really looking forward to decorating the tree with him.
We’re actually having 2 Christmas’s as my other halfs parents are down
the week before for a fake Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
My parents are coming over on real Christmas Day and obviously in true
tradition we’ll cook way too much. I’ve not been at home for Christmas
for 3 years, so i’m so excited about doing all the santa sack and
presents with my son at home.

What family Christmas tradition are you hoping to carry on from your
childhood for your own children?

I love being the hostess and having friends and family here, so I love
the idea of having Christmas Eve shindigs and all the kids getting
excited together about Father Christmas.
A more recent tradition with my nephews is the santa videos you tailor
to your child and I can’t wait to be able to do that for my son and see
his little face as Santa talks to him.

So with the development of modern technology and the ability to now speak to Santa online we find new traditions making their way into the lives of our children and balancing the old traditions that we want to bring through from our childhood. Whether you are digging out decorations that adorned your tree from your own childhood or making decorations with your children that will be brought out year after year from this day forth, we are constantly making memories, reliving memories and enjoying memories of what this time of year brings.

So take a step back. Breath in the mulled wine, reflect, switch off the phones and unplug for the next few days to enjoy and create new memories that may well be handed down by your children in years to come.



Merry Christmas from EsmeLoves.

Thank you for all your support in 2016

Looking forward to some wonderful developments in 2017